Bat Boy Pillow Bundle - Only 1 available – Weekly World News

Bat Boy Pillow Bundle - Only 1 available

Sale price $99.95 Regular price $123.70

Only 1 available before Christmas 2018!  


  • A custom black pillow that when swiped reveals the original Bat Child Found in Cave 1992 Weekly World News Issue Cover!($49.95 value)
  • Original FBI Captures Bat Boy Issue($9.95 value)
  • Original color cover that includes the full Bat Boy Found In Cave article and images inside!($9.95 value)
  • Original issue that included the Bat Boy WANTED Poster Centerfold($9.95 value)
  • VOTE BAT BOY - LEFT WING AND RIGHT WING 2.25" Button($3.95 value)
  • 24 pack bundle of original 80's, 90's and 2000 issues($39.95 value)

A $123.70 bundle for just $99.95.  The ultimate Weekly World News/Bat Boy gift, and only 1 available for this holiday!